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What is GIK?
Gifts-In-Kind (GIK) are new products donated primarily by businesses to assist those in need. These products tend to be consumer items, rather than industrial products, which may be available in the quantities needed by local ministries (Churches, Schools, and Agencies).
To participate in the GIK program with LOVE INC of Lufkin, an agreement must be on file. There are three different agreement forms: a Partner Church, a Participating Church or Agency (which includes Schools).
An orientation is required of everyone who participates in the LOVE INC GIK program. Orientation is provided periodically and is scheduled far enough in advance to enable participants to include the meeting in their schedule.

A Partner Church in the LOVE INC Network is one who does three things:
Selects a Contact Person for the church. The Contact Person is the one LOVE INC contacts about everything related to their church and LOVE INC. Primarily, however, the Contact Person is the one with all the records gleaned from the Ministry Outreach Inventory. Whenever there is a need which meets all the criteria, LOVE INC calls the Contact Person.
Conducts a Ministry Outreach Inventory, allowing members of the church to volunteer to do the things they fell comfortable in doing. The information from this survey is given to the Contact Person, after review by the Pastor.
Contributes regularly to the operating expenses of LOVE INC.

A Participating Church in the LOVE INC Network is one who has not done one or more of the three things a Partner Church does. LOVE INC may still refer people to the church and receive referrals from the church.

Print the Partner Church Ministry Agreement
and return it.
(see address below)
Print the Participating Church Ministry Agreement
and return it.
(see address below)
Print the Agency Ministry Agreement
and return it.
(see address below)

Love INC
P. O. Box 153311
Lufkin, Texas 75915
Print Ministry Outreach Inventory Sheets.