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LOVE INC's Concept

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Where Do We Start?


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Where Are You Going?

What is
LOVE INC is Love In the Name of Christ
LOVE INC is a strategy to help church people help their neighbors in need.
LOVE INC is a network of church volunteers and agencies linked to people in need.
LOVE INC is a cooperative effort between churches and service agencies to help the disadvantaged.

What LOVE INC is not.

LOVE INC is not a para-church organization
LOVE INC is not just another agency.
LOVE INC does not duplicate the work of any agency

How does LOVE INC work?

LOVE INC brings people with needs together with church members who want to help.
1. Requests for help are received by phone
2. Requests are then screened for legitimacy, nature and extent of need.
3. People are referred to the most appropriate source of help.
4. The Clearinghouse/Resource Center follows up with the person helped with spiritual support through local a church.

Why does LOVE INC work?

LOVE INC uses the untapped army of volunteers who are ready, willing and able to help those in need.
LOVE INC provides ministry and outreach opportunities to the people who need it most.

Who benefits from LOVE INC?

Local Churches People in Need
Church Volunteers Community Service Agencies

LOVE INC provides a virtual army of church volunteers
to supplement agency efforts.

LOVE INC works for everyone!