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LOVE INC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry linking people in need to volunteers from a network of area churches.
LOVE INC update is published monthly to communicate praise reports and needs of our community to the friends, volunteers and churches of the LOVE INC network.

1. Recently a member learned that an elderly man was loosing weight and someone soon realized he was not eating well due to his teeth. When the Church body pulled together the funds were raised to buy this man's dentures. What a mighty compassion story to hear from a Church. If we all remember the story that no one or two cannot lift a car but when twenty or more try to lift it is easier. This is a wonderful example about outreach ministry.


The Christian Community has realized that the greatest need has become outreach ministry. We are at such an excellent time for the church body and agency to join hands in Christ to meet these needs.
LOVE INC is an organization to serve Love in the Name of Christ. The church and Love Inc can share Christ love together by reaching the unchurched through their needs. We are all hands of Christ and through each individuals gifts our goal is ahcieved in helping the needy. Love Inc offers five basic opportunities to assist churches in the effort.
First is the opportunity for the church to refer anyone to Love Inc. We can determine for them if the need is real, safe and manageable. Obviously, prayer would be the greatest opportunity because without Christ's love nothing will succeed. Therefore, prayer partners are needed to pray regularly for Love Inc.
Then tithing takes on another definition by reflecting a church volunteer's talent to help with a need. Love Inc reaches the contact person at the church who in return locates a volunteer to meet that need.
We are blessed with such a s large Christian community, that if we join our hands of Christ...then, and only then, we truly show Love In the Name of Christ.

In Memory of:
Jack & Ricky Weaver
Irma McCreary
Nelda Bate
Nelda Bate
Given By:
Eddie Weaver
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Don & Sue Brawley
Allen Vinson

LOVE INC, P.O.Box 153311, Lufkin, Tx 75915-3311,
(936) 637-6637, E-Mail