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This site is owned by LOVE INC of Lufkin, Texas


"...Let us stop just saying we love people, let us really love them,
and show it by our actions."

1 John 3:18

...a Ministry of the churches of Angelina County

LOVE INC is a "hands-on" ministry that helps churches to
expand their reach in the community. It links people with
needs to church volunteers who have resources to help.

LOVE INC is NOT an Agency
Our mission is to serve as an extension of the
mobilize largely untapped church volunteers into a local
service network. LOVE INC is a clearinghouse ministry enabling
church volunteers, as part of their own congregations, to be
put in touch with local people with needs It provides no direct
services and does not duplicate or compete with any existing
helping agencies.

LOVE INC Brings Churches & People Together
Working together multiplies the good that can be done. LOVE INC
enables local churches to work for the common good of the community.

LOVE INC Network includes 2,000 Churches
From our beginning in 1976 at the Good Samaritan Center in
Holland, Michigan, LOVE INC has grown to:
102 Operating and Developing Programs
28 States Represented
65 Different Denominations
5,284 Churches
264,000 Volunteers of All Ages

If you are in Angelina County and need to contact LoveINC please call: (936)637-6637