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What is LOVE INC

LOVE INC's Concept

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Where Do We Start?


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Where Are You Going?


You Can Make A Difference

LOVE INC helps us know who among us is hurting and how our own church can respond directly to such needs as:

•Child Neglect
•Substance Abuse
•Running a Household
•Proper Medical Care

Church Members Are Gifted People
The beauty of any congregation is that each individual is gifted
by God in a special way. Every one has a talent, skill, or time
that is worthy of sharing. Some of us are best suited to work
within the church, while others can make a more meaningful
contributionoutside of the church. The key, though, is finding
the best way to represent Christ’s love through your own church.

In Church and Out-of-Church Opportunities

20% of us have in-churchskills 80% of us do best outside the church
•Sunday School Teachers
•Pioneer Club Leaders
•Youth Group Leaders
•Music Directors
•Committee Members
•Governing Board
•Grounds & Maintenance
•Large Group Cooking
•Project Fundraising
•Mentors to Mothers
•Helping Teach Life Skills
•Mechanics, Plumbers, Electricians
•Transportation Assistance
•Helping Kids With Homework
•Cooking Homemade Food
•Low-Cost, Healthy Shopping
•Telephoning Shut-Ins
•Calling A Latch-Key Child
•Bringing Cheer to the Elderly

LOVE In the Name of Christ
Focuses on Needs Outside the Church
The strength of LOVE INC is in matching your skills and level
of desire to a specific and legitimate need in your community.
Even if you have only one hour to give...there is someone or
some way you can help!

How LOVE INC Matches Needs to Volunteers
Step 1Verifying Specific and Legitimate Needs
•People in need are referred to the LOVE INC clearinghouse by local churches, individuals, and organizations.
•Needs such as alcoholism or spouse abuse are referred to the appropriate agency.
•Needs that are proven to be legitimate and manageable such as calls for food, transportation, or mentoring are referred to a LOVE INC church in the client’s neighborhood.
Step 2Tapping Resources in the Church
•A LOVE INC contact person in the church searches their talent tithes and links a volunteer who has the necessary skills to the individual or family in need.
•This volunteer meets the need, then reports ministry outcome to the church contact person.
Step 3Follow-Up With the Giver and Receiver
•Church contact person reports to the LOVE INC clearinghouse, which follows up with the family in need to make certain that both parties were fully satisfied with their experience.
•Volunteers can continue to support the families they help through visits or phone calls. The goal is always to help people move from chronic dependency to self-sufficiency.